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Success Stories

I received $48,598!!!

" - Texas Child Support Enforcement Success StoriesI hadn't seen my ex in about five years. And of course he never paid his child support. I didn't even know where he was living. I tried everything to find him but couldn't. The state agency wasn't any help either. So when I saw an ad that said that Support The Children would help collect child support, I thought that I had nothing to loose. So I gave them a call. The lady on the phone was real nice. She sounded like she really wanted to help. So when I got the forms I filled them out and mailed them back the same day.

Not long after that I got a call from Support The Children. They said that they had found my ex. He was living in California. That was the good news. The bad news was that he wasn't working. Support The Children said that my ex was waiting on a worker's comp claim and they would work that angle.

After that I learned that Support The Children was working with the workman's comp. people, the state of California and my ex's lawyer trying to get a settlement for me. It took several months and a lot of work by Support The Children but it paid off. I received $48,598.10.

I'm sure glad that I picked up the phone that day and called to get someone to help me collect my child support. If I hadn't made that call I probably would never have gotten a dime." ----- Starr

I started getting child support payments in less than 30 days!

" - Texas Back Child Support Payment Success StoriesWe had been divorced for more than three years. In all that time I hadn't received any child support at all. It is hard raising two kids by yourself. I needed help badly. I called the kid's dad and begged him to help with the their school clothes. He said that he'd send me some money at the end of the month. But the money never came. Then one day my mother told me about a company that went after Deadbeat Dads. She said that I should call and see if they could help me.

I called and they were very nice on the phone. I signed up with them and within 30 days I started getting child support checks in the mail! Thanks Support The Children." ----- Kathleen

He hasn't missed a payment since I called Support The Children. - Texas Child Support Enforcement Success Stories"For the first two years after my divorce I got my child support checks regular as clockwork. Then my ex-husband met someone. After that he would miss a child support payment every few months or so. After he got remarried he missed more and more payments. Finally the checks stopped coming altogether. I called Support The Children, Inc. for help. They told him that if he didn't start paying they were going to go to court and get his drivers license revoked and that he might have to spend some time in jail.

I guess that he didn't believe them because he didn't do anything. Then they retained a lawyer for me and paid his retainer fee and we went to court. They got my check raised. The judge ordered my ex-husband to pay all the court cost and he even had to pay our attorney's fees. The judge told my ex-husband that if he missed any more payments he was going to go to jail. He hasn't missed any payments since then." ----- Jessie